From Ault, where we spent our first and really relaxed night we went further to London. Our accomodation was a typical, narrow English house with a small English meadow.

After a short night we set off to the centre of the city. The bustle and the imense traffic in the city have been a real challenge for all senses and our mind. Martin, who has been our brave driver the last days, took a day off and relaxed one day at home.

The rest of our team splited up. Marcel started his tour to find a perfect place for the photo shooting. Sabrina, Fabian, Jeramis and Felix went hunting for all the Harry Potter highlights that should be easy to find – apparently.

The Harry Potter group reached the Leadenhall Market. But there was not much see. Although they have been in the centre of London they could’nt find Harry Potter. So they started to friendly ask the people.

Lo and behold in the smokerarea they found help. They got the information that at the „King Cross Station“ there will be a Harry Potter Magicshop and the platform 9 ¾ . Let´s go to Hogwarts at the railway station. But where is it to find? Again they started to ask around.

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From the shopping street coming Sabrina walked straight to a man from London to ask: „Can you help me, I have a question?“ He looked at her appelled, shaked his head and went away. Some steps further there was another man and another possibility to ask the same question. But he said: „No, go away. Leave me alone!“

Wow – obviously there is no chance here to get route descriptions. „Mother, let´s call a taxi!“, Fabian intended. In the next moment a taxi stopped, they enjoyed a cool experience and even the price was ok. They arrived at King´s Cross and everything went great. Magic wand and jelly beans with earwax taste delighted the kids and they took a photo at the platform 9 ¾ .

But what about Marcel and his plans for a photoshooting at the Themse?
He found a place, close to a hotel. After his demand he was allowed to park at the hotel with his long trailer and so all together could start with the art installation.

They started to place Masi close to the river and immediatly after positioning him a lady appeared. The lady was a emissarie of the owner and informed Marcel that it is not allowed to place these figures here. It was also impossible to photograph them or leave them at their place for more than five minutes. She explanied that you need to ask for permission and it takes at leats 48 hours to confirm it. But we don´t have that much time. She stayed persistent and told us again to leave in five minutes.

Well, time is relative. Marcel took some photographs and quite comfortable the team startet to break down the figures.

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Meanwhile another security showed up. He liked what Marcel is doing here and was interested in our journey. He said that he is really sorry about that but he needs to stay here until we´re finished and gone.

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In the evening we received an email, from the lady at the Themse. It says that if we pay minimum 500 pounds we get a permission for half a day.
The trailer was loaded again. Marcel and Martin drove away with the sculptures and had the next idea. „We have another try at the Big Ben“ But also in this area security waited for us and even worse there was no parking space and no loading zone, just nothing.

Therefore they used a side street to have a short stop. Suddelny they heard a loud noise behind them. Just now a steel gate has shut and locked – they were trapped. Marcel explained to the doorman why they ended up here and after a long discussion the doors finally opened for them. Thank god!

Disheartened Marcel rode back home. All of a sudden he could catch a sight to a bridge where a loading zone was. He parked – yes this place is possible! But how to bring the figures at least one on a platform under the bridge? They met some so-called streetfighters. They are living on the streets in one of the richest city in the world. The friendly streetfighters helped Marcel and Martin and with joint forces they put up Rati. Rati looked to the bank disctrict of London. A view to somewhere, where money runs everything..

Conclusion of the day – London has to offer a lot of highlights, paranoid inhabitants and when you are looking for help you will get it from the people living under the bridge instead of those living in skyscrapers.