Friday, the 4th of August. We started to the destination Glastonbury. Our navigation system shows us a way that will take us two hours. But we needed the two hours only to find our way out of London. So we reached our accomodation in Glastonbury, West Pennard in the evening. The sweet house and it´s beautiful view were amazing.

Our applebarn is an 250-year old traditional southenglish farmhouse. Some of the buildings around here are more than 600 years old. In our garden we find luxury pure – including a hot tub to the pleasure of the younger part from the team.

Saturday, 5th of August. Early in the morning the youth is still sleeping meanwhile Sabrina and Marcel start to check a possibility for the next photoshooting in the city. The Abbey and the Challis Well seem to be a good scene. Whereas the Tor is unreachable. The central market place is enlivened but to turbulent for a photograph. After felt 100 kilometers of walking along roads and paths Sabrina and Marcel enjoy a break at Blue Note´s in the city.

So far the search was very humble. All the places we looked for were fee required and needed a permission. All the fields are surrounded with high hedges and secured with gates and chains.

Because the Blue Note and his courtyard is a popular venue for toursist and locals Sabrina tried her best here. She saw a man – a mixture of Ruebzahl and good-natured bear – and asked him: „Are you a local?“ „Yes“, he said. She showed him the postcards of the Masiratis and explained to him why we are here in Glastonbury. A vivid conversation came into. As a result we got contacts to the Paddington Farm, where we could find help and probably get a view to the Tor.

Let´s do this and go further to the Paddington Farm and Tanja, the one who runs the farm. On the hills of Glastonbury, really under the Tor, we encounterd lots of children, less adults and a circus tent. A farm for children from the city and orphans, where they can enjoy their summer vacations. The first thing Tanja offered us was tea – typical english and very friendly. After that she showed us the way to her fields, accompanied with one of her employees.

None of the fields was appropiate but the Paddingtons have friends with fields closer to the Tor as well. Tanja gave us the number of Lokabandu, an open minded friend and again we were on the way. Again Lokabandu showed us his fields. Marcel was proving it precisly – but the hedges and trees were to high. The Masiratis would get lost in the picture.

But there is a lady, said Lokabandu, she is American and is now staying in her villa in Glastonbury. Her property, at the foothills of the Tor could maybe help us. We phoned her, rang the doorbell but reached nobody.

The evening had come and we drove back to our applebarn. We visited our neighbours, an older couple from Australia who were living here since last October. While we were talking to them, it turned out that the American woman is her daughter-in-law. Full of joy they called her and asked for oppertunities to place the Masiratis around the Tor.

We found out that the area straight around the tor is national trust and freely available for everybody who is careful and respectful. So the neighbor, an old local, said: „Just do it. Destroy nothing, be friendly and just do it..“

Sunday, 6th of August. Goddess Conference in Glastonbury. Hunderts of women make a pilgrimage to the Tor while the team put up Masi and Rati at the market place. Sabrina, Fabian and Jeramis stay in the city, the rest of the team is starting the project – Helgas pilgrimage to the Tor. The visitors in the city are impressed and our travellor diary is getting stuffed.

Marcella is the woman of the pilgrimage, she is smoking the way with white sage. The men start with Helga on an axle their way up. The goddesses are on their way back to the city and cross our way. Delight is spreading out, joyful help from men and women. Helga gets blessed, our goddess. Without the help from all the people Helga did her way up to the Tor to Avalon in Glastonbury. You can look forward to the pictures!

A special experience was the get-together with Jusuff Abdulah, a muslim philosopher on his pilgrimage. Fascinating meeting, Marcel is now Jussuf Abdulah´s new Austrian Baba.

On the way back down we heard a crackling noise and actual Helga has broken her leg. Oh dear – we needed a bandage as emergency measure. Again it has been locals who refered us to a metal workshop. Easily we were able to fix Helga there – thank you very much for that.

Wonderful moments in the city and at the Tor too supported our days. We say thank you to all the people who supported and inspired us. Some of you we´ll see again!

See you soon,
your MasiRati team