… from forest rangers, mayors, farmers and hunters – as well as brave wanderers.

What a joy – last summer we`ve been invited from the Muttersberg community to explore our local mountain as wanderers. At the foothills of the Muttersberg is also the living and workplace from our creator.

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Masi and Olga could hardly wait to attend the performance from Shakespeare on Hills „Romeo and Julia“. I guessed it – there is something going on between the two of them?

Anyway we couln´t get them away from this arena. They allowed themselves one performance after the other. Obviously they are very interestet in classic culture and litrature.

In contrast Helga and Rati loved to be pleased by the charming nature up on the mountain. Under the biggest of all conifers they found their place. To the joy of some wanderers but to the harm of some forest rangers.

„Until here, but no step further“, the forest ranger yelled with a strict look. „The big shoes, the immense weight, that is everything else than quite simple. This place belongs to a farmer and he soon wants to cut here, your figures should not sow displeasure!
Leave them here – you spoiled brat – but further they won´t go!“

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However our mayor liked it, how they were standing there under this big tree and knowing our dream. To wander as far as we can, up, down and where so ever. With his permission we started off again, all four together to one destination.

Our desitnation was the Tiefenseesattel. From there we enjoyed the view to the Rote Wand and marvelled about the shimmering and glowing of her.

Sunrises and sunsets, encounter with people and animal. Yes, it was an amazing place… until, the hunter came.

Entirly out of control he tried to reach me by phone. Sadly – or better luckily – I haven`t been available at this moment.

So I came into pleasure of the following message on my mobile box:

„If this things up there, at the Tüfaseesattel, won´t move in the next eight days I personally throw them down the hill!! You can believe me, what the hell are you thinking!“..

Of course I called him back, lastly I had a permission from the mayor.

In the course of our conversation it turned out that the place where the MasiRatis where standing on belongs to three or more owners. At the end it was clear who was the main owner. The hunting community of Liechtenstein may call themself the owner of the meadow, the forest and mostly the paths. But what also turned out is that the hunter knew my father, the old Dengel, the gardener.

Conclusion – we were allowed to stay! Because I am a Dengel!

But somebody, we don´t know who neither if human or animal, bowlt down Masi.

It will stay as a mystery..

Anyway we have been told that some wanderers raised Masi up and put him back in his place.

For this kind persons we have a present – please contact us!

In the end all togehter has paid off.

So many encounters and adventures, beautiful and silent moments. The photo shooting was crowned with succes (have a look at the calender 2017, picture of July). Following the ladies granted themselves a glass of sparkling wine at the terrace of the guesthouse Muttersberg and the boys drove down to the valley for a revision.

As you can see everything is possible and lovely people are everywhere.