Grandma´s visit at the cliffs of Ault
After a hearty and warmly breakfast with Carlos and his wife at the villa our journey guided us crisscross along the coast of the Normandy.

Anytime, when we already lost the feeling for time and space we ended up at the sleepy village Ault. It´s steep cliffs, the powerful coast and the roaring sea captured my imagination immediately. I was impressed by this spectacle.

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At the sight of this natural beauty a deep sense of freedom flood through me. Anything goes!

Therefore, we parked our car equipped with roof top tent and the trailer with our ladies in the middle of the no-parking zone next to the sea.

We started to place the GaGa´s the way they can have a view onto the sea and the cliffs.

The inhabitants were only confused for a short time before they began to wonder joyfully.
Mister Elfensohn got some fire wood from the local people and they assured us that we are welcome and can stay here tonight.
Later, as the night announced with a spectacular sunset we got another reckless visit from a grandmother living at the village. She admires the two girls, praising especially on the details and raises her view up to the heads of the GaGa´s.

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Deeply touched in her heart she came back after some time to ask something unexpected. She wants to do a healing ritual with us. Howsoever she came to that.

As we all know it is the love – the free, unconditional and unbiased love that heals everything. So, we gave her what she asked for.

From the depth of our hearts we hope she is fine!