It is only partly true – as is usually assumed – that the Masiratis came into being from under my hands. Originally their birth hours lie far back and much further still in deep time – or rather: when time only had started to exist … the story goes that back then, the Divine Child chose the not yet perfectly formed lump of earth as toy, and it was a good toy.

The still red-hot planet started slowly to gain shape. The Divine Child named the molten rock „magma“ and called the solid subsequently, as the earth started more and more to keep a cool head „Masirati“.

Myriads of years later it should then so happen that I brought one of these to light out of the Bregenzer Ach River, in form of a genuine Reiselberger sandstone. As I held the smoothly polished chunk in my hands, I immediately sensed the dimensions of the still to be created figure. Like a Divine Child with welding goggles, I formed out of exactly this stone, driftwood, metal and the power of fire the first figure, with the (consequently only) name „Masi“.

So that „Masi“ would not have to lead an existence as outsider, I presented him with „Rati“, a member of the same species. Thus the „Masiratis“ were born. However, something was still missing: shoes. And since then they keep travelling, together with the latecomers „Olga“ and „Helga“ – quasi their female counterpart…

Masirati to go

Masirati copies

„Copy“ this sounds a bit like a stereotype, but actually the Masirati reproductions are genetically absolutely identical with the originals and stem from the same source of inspiration. Those who want to know a genuine Masirati son and heir inside, in front of, or on top of their house can place an order at any time. The offspring is in its dimensions individually formed and is naturally one of a kind.

Calender & Photo prints

Masi, Rati, Olga and  Helga have already been found at the most unthinkable locations: at the shores of the rugged Atlantic coast, in the high mountains, in front of the illuminated Eiffel tower. The high quality pictures that were taken in the process can be obtained in form of a beautiful calendar or as single photo prints. Advance orders for the Masirati Calendar 2018 can already be placed, including 3+1 for free – special offer. To the photo art gallery with size and carrier material configuration for single photo prints, please klick here.

Masirati to rent

No, this is not a rumour. You can also rent us. What for? To let the eyes of passers-by pop out, to place an accent were nobody would expect them in some circumstances, or just lend events of any kind an additional visual impression that will be lasting … Enquiries will be happily accepted at any time.

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