Life – to live means to find oneself in a constant process to change and transform, not only to allow transformation, but also, and particularly, to push it. Like everything else, life is in motion.


Art as integral part of this life’s movements does not only react to changing situations, but is also a cause of them, shapes them significantly and fashions the own existence to a wildly multi coloured room to experiment. For whatsoever – anything is allowed.


Be a nice person.
And you will be richly rewarded.

Personal data

If you will, in broad outlines, there are two spheres of action through which I creatively „dengle“. On the one hand there are the Masiratis, remarkable and worthy to remember, out of an otherworld, on the other hand my incessant, artistic creating on and inside my house. I send the Masiratis on journeys into the great wide world. In my pottering about my own home I am sending myself on journeys, without notably changing my coordinates. I regard the creative works on and inside my house as manifestations of a continually changing living environment – away from the residential confinement, the being detained, off to a living space that is in perpetual flow.


Within this access to a creative design of my own living world  root also my first artistic outputs: in order to observe the world from as many perspectives as possible, at a young age of 16 years I installed in my teen bedroom countless mirrors of all kinds onto multi coloured walls. And very obviously, walls triggered my creative urge: during my military service I painted the dormitory of the barracks – with light blue little clouds on a rose-coloured background. My contribution to world peace. Even though all of it had to go again, it was a lasting impression …


At the age of 25 I met my wife, started a family and began to build a house. Just like it is done by a „proper“ Vorarlbergian (Vorarlberg: western part of Austria). As far as the house is concerned, I have always been following more of a form than a norm understanding: as I am forming and changing myself, so my house changes with me. Since 1995 my dwelling place is also my working place, analogue to Bob Dylan, „my never ending project“, so to speak.


First sculptures followed, my self-initiated enthronement as „King of Nothing“, the premiere of the Cabaret program „The show of my Life“, as well as the participation at the competition „Kleinkunstvogel“ in Graz.

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