Oh! The police is here – operation Eiffel Tower Despite lots of alerts and gloomy predictions from some “proper Vorarlberger” we started our journey to Paris. The daringly three Michael Elfensohn, Fabyan Dengel and me were about to place our girls Olga and Helga in front of the Eiffel Tower. Without asking and unsecured, because we didn´t want to damage the precious marble slabs, our two girls were now protruding into the sky with the wonderful Eiffel Tower in the background. Admired, used as a photo scene for bride and groom and time by time giving the opportunity to start a conversation about them they were standing at this place, undisturbed the whole day.

The feeling – we are welcome!

In knowledge that our GaGa´s are supplied, we started an exploration tour to the world-famous Louvre. Of course, we practiced strolling, hanging around in cafés and keep a watch on the passing people. Because this extremely useful pastime is generally known invented by the Paris people. Later in the evening we came back to our ladies at the Eiffel Tower.

Freshly strengthened and purposeful I went straight to the two of them to change their position. Allegedly sometimes it should make sense to change the view in life. But horrors of horrors! As I spirited grabbed Helga’s leg, suddenly a police officer came up to me at smart pace. He talked to me, unfortunately in French. Friendly grinning, I answered with all my French I know: “Bonjour…” and continued with German-English.

After some small talk the police officer recognized me as the artist, who built these beautiful sculptures. I told him that I`m on a world trip and don`t want to miss the city of love. As everything was clear to the officer, he manifested as a guy in the white hats. Delighted he told us, that he was watching them the whole afternoon so that nobody would unreasonably come closer and nothing worse could happen. “Welcome are people like the daringly three of you, with all your art and joy of living” the police officer said. Now to all the prophets of doom and forwarders – the ones who are carrying love into the world will experience love. The ones who have an open heart and an alert mind will always find peaceful solutions.