Let´s go – we catch us a villa! After this experience, we continued our way to the sea. We reached the charming village named Deville. In this area, you can find a lot of very old villas. A bigger part of them belongs to rich Paris entrepreneurs and are used as second homeBecause our days in Paris we´re kind of busy and we felt the tiredness through our body we tried something different. I told my friends: “Men, let us check a villa to sleep, shower and eat!” “How, what?!” they yelled in a choir and looked at me disbelieving.

Our first try didn`t work because the house was uninhabited and locked. But the second try was successfully. Carlos, the guardian of this property opened the door. He spoke only Portuguese and I tried my best in German-English. But lo and behold! We understood each other splendid. He welcomed us in his home and showed us around in this 600-year-old villa.

As far as I could tell the mission of Carlos is to redecorate it and have a look out for it. The redecoration seems to be a life´s work. In favour, his wife and he can life in the gardener’s house and earn a little wage for it. Gladly we enjoyed having a shower, sparked a bonfire afterwards and spent the evening with Carlos, his wife and classic baguette and wine.

Helga and Olga marvelled at the villa, the beautiful garden and the moon shining over them. We slept under the stars, well sheltered from Carlos, the hospitable Portuguese man in France. All wishes were fulfilled. The only thing you need to know is what you wish for and vocalize it!

Then life can give you what you asked for. You need to see this presents and the best way you can do this is with your heart.