Here we go… at least with our concrete preparation for our big journey in the summer.

Step 1

The new trailer for our four MasiRatis must be build. Because all of them shall join us on the roadtrip it needs to be a larger trailer than the one before.

The challenge

Alltogether we`re allowed to have 1,5 ton including the „material“ loaded. At this moment we weigh 950 kilogramm just with Helga and Olga. But there are still two MasiRatis missing and also a crane should be on the trailer, for easier handling.

Step 2

Next wednesday (14th of June) Masi and Rati, who are still on the roof of the company Schmidts Erben in Dornbirn, will be brought down to the ground. From there we´ll go directly to the garage to close Step 1 – the construction of the trailer.

Step 3

Sell the old trailer!!! (Length 4 metre, width 2,16 metre)
It is ideal for transportation of e.g. motorbikes, big items, etc.
Price € 500,-

Your are interested?
Please contact me!

… via mail, by phone or in person.

I wish you a pleasant weekend,

yours Marcel