From Glastonbury we started to Cardiff, because close to there in Pontypridd we had to bring a barrel of Fohrenburger beer to somebody. Why we needed to do this is a long story. The story deals with a young venturous man who drove with his Puch Maxi from Feldkirch to Scotland. On his way home his moped run down and he had to stop in a small garage in Pontypridd. Simon and his friends from the garage helped him out and fixed his moped. Marius was able to carry on with his journey back home. In Feldkirch at the junction „Bärenkreuzung“ it broke down definitely and died an honorable death.

Simon gave as a hint to drive to Ogmare by the Sea. There would be a national trust area and wouldn´t be a problem to camp there for one night. A wonderful landscape with lots of pastures. Sheep pastures – and also sheep manure. Here in Ogmare we got to know the coastal winds. Sabrina preferred to sleep with her winter cap. Though the evening was spectacular. An amazing afterglow, peacefully grazing sheeps and an almost full moon created a blessing emotion. As the night came in we did some fire effects around the MasiRatis – ingenious pictures accrued.

es, we already saved a lot of adresses. Cause here in Ireland there are many people, who love to help, who are open and cordial and interessted in the art Marcel make. We are happy to send them their presents soon.

At the 11th of August we drove to Cork – we heard that it should be a nice city. But for us it was catastrophic. Tight, unbelievable steep streets and traffic without end. So get out of the city!

Meanwhile it got late afternoon and we needed to look for a place to sleep. The youth went to the city for dinner. Marcel and Sabrina tried to find a place. But it seems to be our first day with fewer luck than before. All the estates we found were classy and everytime we asked for a stay we received a rejection. Finally we asked at a B&B house, they were fully booked but gave as the hint to sleep at a parking place in Fort James, a national trust area.

The next morning, 10th of August, we took the ferry to Ireland. Three hours to go and we came in punctual. We arrived in Ireland in the afternoon. Our first way led us out of the city to find a place to sleep.

We found it at Davids farm. Fabian had choosen the way through the avenue to this court. David lives alone, his children are all grown up and sadly nobody is interessted in agriculture. We were allowed to camp here. David brought us some fire wood and in the evening we were sitting at the camp fire telling each other stories. Later on a son of David, Frank, came along. He lives in Dublin and was here to visit his family. He gave us some really interessting tips where we could find options for a photohooting. David spoiled us durin our stay. We were allowed to have a warm shower, have breakfast in his warm kitchen and enjoy a bottle of true irish whiskey – which was a pleasure especially for Martin. We thanked David with a original proper mountain cheese and a photoshooting in his court . We noted his adress and will send him a picture for christmas.

The parking place was in really bad conditions. But because it was already evening it was the only choice we had for this night. There we recognized a bus with an austrian plate. Gladly we went to them and introduced ourselfs. Valerio and Manuela came from East Tyrol and Styria. They are travelling in their bus on the coast through Ireland. They had a genius travel guide which shows you all the places where you can park and camp for free. They let us take some notes and fort he places Frank recommended us before.

On that night we had a cold meal, made a small camp fire and went to bed early. Though we were on the coast we had luck with the wind. The parking place was a little bit remote and we had a quiet night – except Fabian who had a long conversation with an older farmer from this area who was interessted in the sculptures.

At the 12th of August after we had breakfast we drove further to Killarney – but never arrived there…

… why we never arrived there, we let you know in our next contribution – as well as how our journey continued to Dublin, where I´m now sitting in a cosy kitchen writing this lines.